Pitt Cue Co, Newburgh St.

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Tube Strike!! London in Chaos! I cannot and will probably never understand why, whenever there is a tube strike, people still go and queue up at the station. I’m sure I’ve missed something here, but we were warned of this strike in advance, 90% of people have smart phones that probably tell them there is a strike, TFL sent out e-mails to anyone who has their Oyster card registered and yet, Waterloo, London Bridge, Earl’s Court were full to the gunnels with the classically English commuter with a face like a slapped arse silently seething with anger. Ok there were the odd one or two tubes running, but come on people, think about it, one train every 5 minutes ain’t gunna do much good (unless you get on at the start obvs). Why don’t people walk? In the last 2 years I have discovered just how small London is having spent many a weekend meandering around central London only to find myself at Brick Lane without realising how near it really was! I shall now get down off my soapbox and talk about something else.

Last night my friend and I decided to forgo the urgent need for everyone to leave the West End as soon as the clock stuck 6 and opted to keep our dinner date on and hope that by the time we finished (I initially thought 2 hours – how wrong I was) the buses would be empty. I firstly introduced him to the wonderful secret that is the garden at Keeper’s House a restaurant in the Royal Academy that has a garden just off the stunning bar – perfect for a quick glass (or 3) of Nye Timber and a couple of ciggies before bracing ourselves for Soho.

We toddled off in the general direction of Kingly Street / Court and decided against Whyte & Brown, Wright Bros and some other place that I couldn’t read the name of. A light bulb then lit up in my friend’s head and a cunning grin spread across his face – maybe, with the tube strike, there won’t be a massive queue at Pitt Cue… By golly he was right! Well, it was a much smaller queue than it usually is I’m told. 45 minutes and 2 (or was it three) cocktails later we headed downstairs to the tiny dining area and studied the menu.

Cow 2

The specials board was pretty pointless as they’d sold out of most stuff. And they’d sold out of the caramel ribs which I’d been eyeing up for 45 minutes!! So we went for the pulled pork, bone marrow mash, beef on toast, chilli slaw and the mushroomy spinachy side. I odered myself a beer as they don’t do wine here – it’s beer or bourbon. I would have quite liked a glass of red by then, but beer did the trick, kind of. We also had a Pickleback – a shot of bourbon chased with a shot of pickle juice – lovely stuff!


Now, I’ve obviously heard of their reputation, but you know, you shouldn’t believe all the hype until you’ve tried it, and now I know I’m really late to the party on this one. God this place is good. I mean, really really good. The beef on toast, that came first, was slow cooked and almost caramely, seriously rich and delicious.

Pulled port etc 2  Chilli Slaw

Then arrived the rest. The pork was so well flavoured and fantastically soft without being mushy – I was a bit ‘meh’ about pulled pork until I tried the Pitt Cue stuff, just shows how much better at it than everyone else they are. The slaw was lovely and refreshing, although it could have done with a little more chilli to it. The bone marrow mash. Poems should be written about this stuff. I’ve never in my entire life tasted anything like it. I couldn’t put into words how good it was, I just kept making all sorts of dodgy amorous noises causing my dinner companion to furtively look around to check no one was listening. It is of course, deeply unhealthy, I could taste the butter; I could feel my arteries hardening up but demanding more and more of this stuff.  I had to use every fibre of my will power to not steal the leftovers from the chaps sitting beside us.

I have to have that mash again, so I will definitely be back, again and again.


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