Langan’s Brasserie, Mayfair

  Langan's Brasserie - London's Historic Dining Spot in Mayfair

How does one begin a review of a stalwart restaurant like Langan’s? One can’t just simply waffle about the weather or simper about some annoyance on twitter, it just wouldn’t be cricket! I’ve been going to Langan’s for many many a year. It’s one of my Dad’s favourite places and being a Daddy’s girl through and through I can’t help but love the place.

I went with a couple of chaps, each with a slight eccentric edge to them – so Langan’s was the easy first choice. It’s a real case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – the decor hasn’t really ever changed, the waiters are extremely effective even though they all look like they’ve been there since it opened in 1977 and the menu has been the same every time I’ve been over the last decade and it works. For the first night back after the Easter break it was wonderfully busy, we were seated and offered an aperitif, which we sadly declined having had a couple on the Roof at Aqua beforehand. Bread and water arrived promptly along with bottle one of wine – the Langan’s Chablis, which we sipped on while listening to the dulcet tones of the lady singing over the other side of the restaurant (I should clarify; she was officially there, it wasn’t just an old dear who’d had one too many).

I went for the snails for a starter, which was heart-stoppingly buttery, but so so good! And, even though it smelled like there were a million cloves in it I wasn’t overpowered by garlic. The smoked salmon looked delicious as well (much bigger portion, i only got the photo when it was nearly finished) though sadly I didn’t get a bite.

photo 2       photo 3

Now, as I mentioned I am a daddy’s girl, this often means that I, like my dad, very rarely stray from my favourite restaurant dish on a menu. Here, it’s the Veal Holstein. A flattened, breadcrumbed, fried in butter escalope of veal with a fried egg on top. And I wonder why I’m putting on weight… Just lovely. Well cooked, well seasoned with a spoonful or two of minted peas it was as good as it always it. The gentlemen went for the steak and mushroom pie and the fish pie, both of which were finished and scraped clean! Washed down with a very good bottle of Croze-Hermitage ‘Inspiration’.

photo 4

Amazingly the gents had room for pudding and opted for a lemon posset and 3 scoops of ice cream and, despite groans that they were too full to eat what they had ordered they polished both of those off too.

Along came the bill, and as I mentioned earlier, I was dining with a couple of slightly eccentric chaps, so I have no idea how much it was, it was paid and we toddled off for a nightcap – that we, of course, definitely needed after 2 pre-dinner drinks and 2 bottles of wine between 3 on a Tuesday night!?!

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