Holborn Dining Rooms


Oooh we did get our knickers in all sorts of twists a couple of weeks ago didn’t we! The London food twitteratti were up in arms, first we had the suspensions of a few fantastic tweeters; McMoop, Jameslewisland and Hollowlegs. Then we had everyone’s favourite musketeer D’Artagnan mention and ‘effing blogger’ which got us fully riled and then a well know restaurant guide felt the wrath of a pissed off restaurateur who’d been sent ‘in error’ a ‘very average’ review to stick on their window. There are times like this when twitter is both great and bloody awful, I made the call to stay out of these three debacles and chose to watch various people of twitter wind each other up on a public forum more and more until in a couple of cases; what started as an amusing bit of sarcastic banter turned into slagging matches left right and centre. I know this intro is a little out of date but I began writing it during this twitter excitement and got sidetracked.

During its soft opening I was delighted to secure a table at Holborn Dining Rooms and gleefully trotted up there to try it out, having heard endless tweets and PR blurb about it I figured it’s gunna be good.
We decided it was definitely a ‘drink before dinner kind of place’ with it’s beautiful bar so we ordered a couple of cocktails from (in my opinion) the very male friendly list. As soon as we had our drinks in hand we were asked if we wanted to sit down, fair enough it was a soft opening and they were fully booked.

Water, wine, menus all arrived, I think bread did too (I can’t remember), but we ordered some oysters, so bread was pretty lost on the table by that point. A long with the oysters I had a steak tartare. Both very nice, if I was to pick holes then I might say it was too finely cut for me, I like my steak tartar good and chunky, but I’m being picky now, the taste and seasoning we good, and that’s what really matters.

4        tartar

For main courses we had a steak and the cornbeef hash. The steak was great – it’s steak, come on, you can’t mess it up. The cornbeef hash was lovely, it was quite salty but then I like that, it’s not the prettiest dish; a round hash that’s been browned nicely in the pan sitting in a pool of rich dark gravy with a perfectly round fried egg on top – what’s not to love?!

steak    Hash    side

We couldn’t manage dessert, so went straight on to the hard stuff, 2 cognacs and a vodka and tonic later I fell out of HDR having had a jolly old time.

I would go back if just for the cornbeef hash, but it’s not a cheap option – our bill came to £145 with 50% off food for the soft opening. So not cheap, but it’s an interesting place to visit.

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