Edwins, Borough High Street

photo 2

Finally! I say, FINALLY I managed to secure myself a table at a soft opening. Nowhere near where I live, miles (in London terms) out of my way but hey, who cares; I got a table! Edwins (without the apostrophe) has just opened in Borough, their soft opening started at the weekend. I’m not sure of their exact tagline, modern British, tapas, not sure.

Once we ‘d found it – I mentioned I don’t know Borough well didn’t I – it’s above The Trinity pub by Borough tube station, you pop up the stairs to the first floor and find yourself in a small homely room, the seats maybe 40 people at most.

Bread, water and the menus arrived quickly and our wine too – a bottle of Sauvignon Gris. Can someone tell me what Sauvignon Gris is please? I haven’t a clue and I’m supposed to be a wino!

duckegg  scallops

rabbit  pork

For starters we went against the waitresses advice of ordering one each and ordered 4 between us (yep, we had main courses too). Rabbit with polenta and Parmesan, pork belly with cauliflower purée, duck egg with purple sprouting and almonds and finally scallops in filo with Harissa Mayo. All great, of the four the pork belly was the weakest and the clear winner was the scallops – they were perfectly cooked in deep-fried grated filo pastry. Main courses came in the form of a steak with garlic mash and the guinea fowl.

Steak  potato

photo 1








They came slightly unstuck here unfortunately, but only slightly, the steak had been beaten so thin that even the most beef-headed chefs at Hawksmoor couldn’t have got it rare. That reads worse than it should, but the taste was still great, as well as the potato puree being so buttery and garlicky that I was genuinely concerned for my arteries (in a good way). My guinea fowl with Brussels tops and butter beans was a delight to eat. Sorry for the corniness of that last phrase, but it was. The fowl was delicious with a crispy skin and the slightly crushed, slightly salty, stocky butter beans made for an ideal dish.

espress  Canarillo







Way too full for pudding we opted for a coffee and canarillo. As it was the soft opening we had 50% off the bill which was around £50. I would absolutely return there, probably not as quickly as I would if it was on my doorstep, but it’s definitely worth a second visit. The steak being wrong is definitely a teething problem, it’s pretty unfair to do a blog on a restaurant that hasn’t even been open a week, so, I’m sorry about that. Pop down there, it’s worth it; good food, nice room, really lovely and helpful staff.

As usual, sorry about the photos, they really are rubbish!

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