Roux at the Landau, Portland Place

I have been determined to get this blog back up and running by taking pictures of everything I’ve eaten over the last few weeks, and following each lunch or dinner out by – I’ll definitely get this one online tomorrow. As you can see from the fact that my last blow was in September last year this hasn’t    worked. At all.

Apparently ‘Fine Dining’ is becoming a thing of the passed in London these days, with us all looking for exposed brickwork, filament light bulbs and anything that will look good with an Instagram filter on it. I personally love fine dining. Don’t get me wrong, ordering my burger using an app on my phone, queuing for amazing ramen or wearing a plastic bib while eating £20 lobster are up my street too, but I’m a posh girl at heart and I love pristine white table cloths, immaculate waiters and a menu that is so heavily leather bound that you can barely lift it off the table!

I decided, the other day, to get over my fear of an offer. I have loads of friends who use Groupon, Living Social and KGB Deals for a large portion of the activities to do in their spare time, interestingly I rarely hear of my friends using the restaurant offers on those sites and I have been known to shout at pushy Groupon sales people when I have to ask them for the fifth time to remove my restaurant from their call list! But then came Bookatable… Restaurants only. One restaurant a day. Poof goes the worry of your posh restaurant brand being placed next to an advert / offer for hair removal!

A Star Deal that came out the other day from Bookatable was £46 for 3 courses and 2 glasses of wine at Roux at the Landau. Now, the worry with these things is that you turn up and you’re given the table by the bogs, the waiter that doesn’t speak any English and the dregs of their bin end wine list… Not a bit of it here.

The table was nowhere near any loos and on either side of us we had a la carte diners, so we weren’t all put in one corner. Our waiter kindly reeled off the Champagnes they had by the glass (including a half price vintage Champagne at £30 instead of £60 per GLASS). Champagne, water and amuse bouche arrived – yes people, even us Star Deal cheapo’s get the amuse bouche as well!!

photo 1   photo 2

My starter of Lincolnshire pink onion stuffed with hare ‘black pudding’, celeriac and sherry jus was gorgeous, the sherry jus was seriously rich and sticky, but not so sticky you could use it to re-attach Miley Cyrus’s dignity to her. The bare ‘black pudding’ was more what tasted like confit hare in my mind anyway, but again, this had been slowly cooked for a really long time and was dark and deeply flavoured without being too much for what, remember, is only the starter!

photo 3

I played it safe for my main course, not because of the cooking I might add, I had had a huge lunch and figured that the chicken dish might be a bit lighter than pork and I didn’t fancy fish… The spit-roast chicken supreme with sauce ‘albufera’, spinach and king oyster mushrooms was also perfect. Ok, it’s a chicken dish, and it’s dull to order chicken in a restaurant because you can cook it at home, but I tell you what, I bet it was a whole lot better than what I’ve been reading on some other food blogs in restaurants that are specifically selling ONLY chicken! Well cooked, with a crispy skin, wilted spinach with lightly sautéed mushrooms and this sauce that turns out had foie gras in it, I don’t really need to say anymore. Comforting, yet refined – God what a cliché!

We shared the pudding which to be honest wasn’t really up my street, only because I’m not really a pudding girl (despite the size of my ever expanding waistline).

photo 4

The total with was just over £130, so way off the offer price, but that’s what happens when you’re too shy ask how much the glass of champagne you’ve just ordered is. I would definitely go back, but not yet.

Ps – sorry for all the waffle, I’ve been storing it up!!

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