Grillshack, Beak St, Soho

Grillshack_2013_Shack_logo_b_on_w@featureSo it was the end of a long long week of work / play / play / work. I had a bit of a moment on Friday afternoon, a bit of a low moment it must be said. But I was scooped up by an old chum and told to pull myself together and life wasn’t as bad as my sleep deprived, red numbered bank account, hungover state thought it was.

While shoe-horned in a Soho pub we saw off 2 pints in 20 minutes and decided that food was probably a good option, where to go though…. As we were in Soho I lost all the decision making ability I’ve ever possessed and became a slightly pathetic version of myself. Upon being asked, “where do you fancy going for dinner” I found myself uttering that phrase I so loath to hear come out of my mouth “I don’t mind”. I am truly rubbish at choosing restaurants in Soho, my mind boggles!

It was a pretty easy choice in the end, newly opened Grillshack was just round the corner and neither of us had tried it.
photo 1The menu is simple, burgers done several ways, a steak, a salad or two and lots of sides. You can either use their wifi and install the app (which is very cool and easy to use), order and pay (using Paypal) without leaving the comfort of your seat or you can go up to one of the touch screen terminals in the restaurant. We opted for the terminal which is very easy to use.

 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5The drinks arrived swiftly as did the food. I opted for a burger with bacon, cheese and shoestring fries. My friend had the steak (there is no cooking option when you order). We also got a raddish salad and a garlic bun. The burger was lovely, nice and pink, well seasoned and not too messy to eat. The steak was also really good, it had been bashed out quite thin and cooked well so was still tender.

What both of us noticed was that it was really nice to get to the end of the meal and not have to worry about the bill as we’d already paid it at the start. Someone has since pointed out to me that it’s not exactly a new concept, MacDonalds have been doing it for years. This, however, was infinitely better than anything Maccy D’s could ever produce.

To sum up; I will definitely go back. I loved the style, the service and the food. And I’ve got myself a freebie dessert token to use up too! And the whole bill only came to £29! Easily one of the best value meals I’ve had in London in a vey long time!

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