Who Am I?
I’m having to re-write this section as it’s so flippin’ old that it’s totally out of date. I’m no longer a ’20-something’ lady. I hit 30 in 2014, so am having to come to terms with the fact that I can no longer eat whatever I want and ass much as I want as my waistline doubled in the last 8 months.Blog pic

What hasn’t changed is my obsession with food both eating it and making it. The blog started with mostly recipes and a little going out. It’s now very much the other way round.

Why Am I writing All This?
I’m afraid I don’t have a humble or earth-shattering reason for writing this blog. Plain and simple it’s a distraction – from the commute, from work, from mind-numbing telly.

I love writing, but I could never write a book as my attention span is way too short, my grammar is rubbish and my imagination is far too weird and sarcastic to turn into a book.

You never know, some high-flying TV company / film company / publisher might stumble across this blog and turn it into some best selling book / movie…. Yep. Sure. Of course that’ll happen.

If you want to ask me anything just fill out the form on the Contact Me page.