C is for Martini. No, Dukes. Ah, Champagne!

Oh I’m confused!
So where did i leave it yesterday?
Ah, yes – the Bikini… So the ham and cheese panini isn’t going to do much good for my figure. Neither is the bowl of cheesy baked beans I had at about midnight last night.
If you’re looking for a blog entry full of culinary excellence – this isn’t going to be my finest.
Did you know that Ian Flemming invented the famous Vesper Martini at Duke’s Hotel in St James’s Place?
They have this special tray that they make the Martini’s on. Now, personally I don’t actually like normal Martinis and i wasn’t feeling strong enough to go for the Vesper, so i went for a Miss Moneypenny. This delightful concoction is vodka based (all the best cocktails are in my mind), Cointreau, fresh lime and passion fruit. Goodness me it was tasty! So tasty, in fact, that i had to have 3 followed by a nightcap of 2 glasses of Louis Roederer!
So the only culinary activity i indulged in was a scrummy bowl of Heinz (because it has to be) baked beans with melted butter and cheese.
More to come but I’m heading back to B

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