Breifly Back to B – Bar Boulud

How cool, hip and trendy do i feel to have been to one of London’s newest restaurant openings within it’s 1st two weeks.

Time was of course when i would have been within the 1st week. But I’m getting old and crusty and don’t wear my dangerously high heels all day everyday so people overlook me and think I’m middle-aged before my time. Rest assured, anyone reading this, I’m not prematurely middle-aged, i love going to new restaurants, oh yes and I have a GSOH.

So, after my evening at Dukes my colleague decided to take me out for lunch as I’d spent rather too much money the night before. we were going to go for the usual Spaghetti House or Cafe Rouge, but as we were toddling past The Mandarin Oriental we spotted the menu for the new and seriously highly rated Bar Boulud! Well, we tried to resist, and failed.
Since its opening I’ve read 3 reviews of this place and all three have been glowing. We wondered in and expected a table to be available, but no we were put at the bar as they were fully booked. Oddly, we hadn’t even considered that we might not get a table at 12:45 on a Friday!
Everything about this restaurant is shinny and new. Sitting looking into the brightly lit kitchen i notice how quiet it is. None of the Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White style swearing and yelling, but a quiet plethora of skilled artists at work under the watchful eye of Daniel Boulud’s American sidekick.

Once our waiter had talked us through how to read the menu (which i must say i do find slightly annoying – i am a reasonably intelligent human being who was taught to read) we were furnished with bread and butter.
I had great fun guessing which plate on the pass was mine and which was my friend’s (conversation was a little slow following the last night’s few too many Miss Moneypenny’s). My Halibut arrived looking so utterly beautiful that it was almost a tragedy to eat it! I took a photo but have lost it!! It tasted so fantastic i was reliably informed that this was Daniel Boulud’s signature dish. Ooooh, it was so yummy!
My friend had the Yankee Burger. He said it was delicious with the one GREAT BIG exception that it was cold. Now, even though the beef was perfect a cold burger is not cool; no way! The chips were lovely!
How annoying – I’ve been trying to write this for 2 days and I’ve now forgotten what i had!
Photos soon.

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