B is for, Oh too many things!

I thought i was going to struggle to think of a topic for B, but it turns out there are billions of blooming, brilliantly beautiful ideas. See what i did there!? Aren’t i clever. Although it’s slightly worrying that i had to use Word to come up with some more words beginning with B!

First I thought Beans – and i planned to make a supper encompassing as many different beans as possible. But I’ve since bean (See, I did it again!) sidetracked.

Bar Boulud is a new bar that has opened pretty much next door to my office – it’s underneath the Knightsbridge Mandarin Oriental and is apparently really rather good – but I’m afraid that’s going to have to come a bit later as another hugely important B has cropped up.


So, the countdown begins.

I have until 27th June to get myself body-beautiful for a trip to Egypt.

The gym will be seeing my sweaty little red face a little more frequently.
The bar will be seeing less of my beautifully smiling face.
And the vegetable isle of Sainsbury’s will be seeing lots more of me!

So, get yourselves ready for healthy but yummy food.

Please don’t panic. I won’t only be eating lettuce.
In fact, I’m not a great fan of lettuce (who is…?).
Note to self – mustn’t drink too much so i loose sight of my goal.
Actually, if i drink lots, then I’ll see 2 goals, maybe that will spur me on?!
Now there’s a thought…
Until later…..

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