Boma Restaurant, Wandsworth Bridge Road

Boma logo

I know I’ve said it before but I’m loving being back into this blogging thing – I really took some time out over the last couple of years – not officially – I just lost any form of imagination when it came to writing, I went out for dinner, took pictures and then forgot or couldn’t be bothered to write about the experience – even if it was amazing. Bloody useless. And now, well, I’ve got my mojo back, hooray for me. Tough luck for the rest of you who were rather enjoying your Facebook / Twitter feeds being free from my seemingly endless pointless waffle!

I did two blogs the week before last and had a bit of a panic about what to blog about last week – OMG what if my stats go down and no one reads this anymore as I hadn’t been out for dinner last week at all, well I had but to two places that I work for, so I can’t really blog about them… Then it struck me like a smack on the forehead, there is a place, a local (to me) place that I have been to several times and never written about, how on earth can I have not done a blog on this place. It fabulous. It’s so chilled out. It’s just great. It’s Boma of course.

So, how to do a ‘review’ on a local restaurant; it’s always tricky if you don’t like it or if you’ve had a bad meal, because you may want / need to go back as it’s on the doorstep. So you generally keep quiet. I have two locals which are excellent – I’ve never bothered writing about either of them, for no particular reason, but I do feel that Boma is just that cut above for a neighbourhood restaurant.

I’ve been for breakfast, just coffee, lunch, dinner and some late night cocktails that I can only really remember fuzzily. It’s on the Wandsworth Bridge Road which is noisy, but that doesn’t matter – they have blankets in the winter and at night so us filthy smokers are toasty warm all year round!

photo 5

The coffee is fantastic, I’m a bit of a coffee snob, well I’m a bit of a snob in general, but on the specifics of coffee, I’m a bit of a pain! It’s not too bitter, not too strong and not too weak – lovely stuff. I’ve had various breakfast dishes there that have all hit the mark – only one I’ve managed to take a picture of as the other times I’ve generally been too hungover to take a picture that didn’t look like it had been taken while I was operating a pneumatic drill (I get the hangover shakes really badly).  What I love is that I can have breakfast there without it being totally unhealthy. They do AVOCADO on toast which is one of my absolute favourite breakfasts!

  photo 1    photo 2    photo 4

Dinner at Boma is a different affair, not formal but not as chilled out as breakfast – such a stupid thing to write – sorry! The menu is great, I’ve had so many of the dishes. There was a chicken pie on the menu the other day that was so lovely and comforting it was like being given a ‘there there it’ll all be better soon’ hug by your mum. The burger works very well too, good sized with just the right amount of mess to deliciousness ratio – there’s nowt worst than a burger that is more messy than it is tasty.

photo 3

And the cocktails. I say that like I’ve tried loads there. Apparently, they do a mean Espresso Martini – I’ve seen many of my friends put far too many of these away. But I stick to the Porn Star, don’t worry Mum, it’s not dodgy, it’s a real cocktail. Passion fruit and vodka based with a champagne shot chaser. Even if you’re just going in for a fleeting visit, have a cocktail. These guys are so blooming good, it’s worth a detour!

So that wasn’t really a review, more of a brain fart about a really good local restaurant, but I’ve been meaning to write about it for ages and I’ve finally got around to it!! So there we go.

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