Dean Street Townhouse, Soho


A couple of nights ago, I had a dinner I’ve been wanting to have for a very very long time. Dean Street Townhouse… That stalwart of Soho, owned by Soho House, super cool and always too full for the likes of me. I will, here, apologise for my photography which seems to be getting worse by the blog!

We had booked a table and were seated very efficiently. Sadly that is where the service, not ended, but more took the scenic rather than the direct route to satisfaction. Bread was delivered to our table 15 minutes after we sat down, during that time we had not been asked if we wanted anything to drink or if we wanted to order anything. We did manage to order some wine when the bread arrived,  it it took another age to a) get our glasses refilled and b) order food.

 Aviary Photo_130233638260404673  Aviary Photo_130233638313933721

The food was a real treat though, simple yet perfectly executed. My twice baked haddock soufflé was delicious, it had a creamy smokey sauce poured over it (with the copper pan left with me so I could have more!) my friend’s pan fried duck egg with chicken livers was also very good if a little under seasoned for me, but he was happy so don’t take my word for it.

Main courses, for me – the lamb cutlets, blushing a beautiful pink on my plate and tender as you like! With a crushed potato or two and some wild dittander mingled in. Being the pseudo northerner that I  am I ordered some more jus as soon as the plate arrived (sorry, I know it’s awful, but I love sauce / jus / gravy and there just wasn’t enough). It arrived promptly, as I semi drowned my lamb in it, I made the discovery that this was not jus, but salad dressing of a similar colour to the jus! I couldn’t bring myself to get the dish replated or anything like that as I should have noticed it myself so I got some jus and added it and it all tasted grand! The ribeye looked huge, but was cooked perfectly for my friend’s taste. The chips, spinach and Bearnaise sauce were also good.

Aviary Photo_130233636998602571 Aviary Photo_130233637872649206
Just a quick mention for the wine, our white was a lovely Burgundy, but the red, which I chose (*massages own ego*) was fantastic. A medium bodied number from Puglia that worked so well, it didn’t over-power my delicate lamb but managed to match up to the ribeye, and it was under £30 – winner!
We asked for the bill, and 15 minutes later asked for it again, paid and scarpered. I don’t usually waffle about service, but on this occasion I feel for the staff as there just weren’t enough of them, the chap that does the rota just hadn’t banked on it being full on a Monday or something. I would go back, but I think I’ll stick the the bar and charcuterie platter rather than doing a full seated dinner. I’m very glad I’ve been though.

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