Tayyabs, Fieldgate Street, E1


So, on Sunday I made a discovery. OK, I know I’m slightly late to the party on this one, but remember I’m a Southwest London girl who is still relatively new to anything East of Mansion House.

30 years ago Mohamed Tayyab opened up a tiny restaurant serving traditional Punjabi dishes from Pakistan. This small family run joint is now, I am told, and I am happy to agree, arguably one of the best curry houses in London.
After having bought our wine from Tesco round the corner, we settled into the queue which was about 30mins, but felt like longer as we stood there drooling over all the amazing food coming out of the kitchen every 20 seconds.
Once sat, menus, table mats, water, poppadoms, salad and chutneys were put in front of us (bottled water is free I might add). After we had tasted and approved of our own wine – bugger all we could have done about it if we didn’t like it – we chose our food.
Masala fish, THE lamb chops (those of you who have been there before know the ones I mean), lamb korai, fluffy rice, daal, saag aloo and a naan.

First came the lamb chops….I had spent 30 minutes whining about waiting for this table because of these lamb chops, I’m surprised my friend didn’t slap me round the chops (get it…) I must have been so annoying! The smell is enough to make your stomach persuade you it’s not eaten in days and must eat NOW. Hot and sizzling they arrived on our table, we attacked them like a couple of half starved prisoners, you’d never know that between us we probably eat out 6 out of 7 nights a week!

IMG_2730  IMG_2722

Masala fish next, the colour was beautiful, it was a little dry for me, but it tasted gorgeous, enough spice to turn it a gorgeous fuschia pink. The daal and saag aloo were both very tasty too, the daal was my favourite out of the two – I really must learn how to make it as I reckon it’s not that unhealthy…is it?

Aviary Photo_130197401507963324  Aviary Photo_130197401352494045

They were out of lamb korai so they brought us the chicken version, again, lovely flavour, not over powering and with plenty if chicken bits.

At the end of the evening it’s a bit like being on a night bus near the end of its route, they turned the lights up and down a couple of times to let you know you are nearly done for the night and then 5 minutes later the light are turned up to full blast revealing curried faces, sticky fingers and saag aloooood teeth!

I didn’t believe my friend when he said we could possibly have a bill of around £35 as I didn’t look at the prices on the menu I just ordered what sounded nice! Sure enough, £35.02 was our bill. And the only extra cost was our £7.99 bottle of red from Tescos.

It IS worth making the trip to this place. It IS worth queuing. And if you leave without having the lamb chops you are very silly indeed. I can’t wait to go back!

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