Honest Burgers, Soho


This is going to be a super quick post, for many reasons – these being:

  1. It’s sunny, and sitting a computer blogging when it’s sunny is just silly
  2. Technically I’m supposed to be doing something else
  3. I’m trying to keep up with everyone else’s current burger fetish, but can’t be arsed to queue (so I got someone else to)

It’s Friday, it’s been another week of over-indulgence, so what better way to stay healthy and happy in the sun than a little more indulgence. This week has seen the opening of Shake Shack & Five Guys. Both serving burgers. Both super-ultra-uber cool. Both sporting ridiculous queues. It was the perfect opportunity, as @frontlinechef pointed out, to actually go to one of the other burger joints that I’ve heard so much about and not made it to yet. Off to Honest Burger we went – well after a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors – Marine went and I lounged around / worked very hard in the office waiting for my lunch!

photo 4

For a mere £17 in total , I had an ‘Honest Burger’ with house rosemary chips and a ‘Cheeseburger’ with house chips. With half of London in a queue for the newbie big boys we waited 20 minutes (which I don’t think is too bad considering it’s Friday, sunny and this town as gone burger mad). The burgers were perfectly cooked – it was just what was needed! Thank you Honest Burgers for being lovely and doing takeaway burgers that are gorgeous, scrumptious and a perfect size so you don’t fall into a food coma after eating them!

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