Social Eating House, Poland Street, London


Working on a Saturday sucks, but having to be at work at 7am sucks even more. So there I was, delivering croissants to some clients at 7.30am last Saturday morning when a delightful text came through from my brother asking if I fancied lunch… Why, yes of course I did. Where to go though, those of you who follow me on twitter may be aware of my constant worry of where to drink or eat with my brother who is infinitely cooler than I am and always knows better places than me – which isn’t good considering I’m in the trade and addicted to twitter…
Will suggested Social Eating House, we were told we could have the last bar table and just make lasts orders at 2.30. Ideal.
Once I had sorted myself out and calmed down – I was late and flustered etc. we ordered a bottle of wine and perused the menu. A couple of ‘jars’ to start with, a mackerel tartare and some pulled pork with homemade bread that had had a little oil drizzled on it – by the way, if ANYONE can tell me what this oil was or where it was from I’d be eternally grateful – it was lovely.

Jar 4
Main course we both had fish. I had the halibut with a herb topping (not crispy – I think it’s called gremolata??) which was fresh and tasty, it came with a shellfish bisque which I actually only had half of as it really didn’t need any more than that.
Will’s hake was also good, it had a faint curry flavour to it but that didn’t overpower the fish at all.

Hake halibut

We shared a pud of milk chocolate mousse with some crumbly treasure bits at the bottom, this came with a chocolate and salted caramel ice cream eclair – I’m such a milk chocolate fan – I know that is heresy in the foodie world and i’m supposed to like chocolate so dark and so pure it makes your eyes water, but I don’t care – milk chocolate mousse is the way forward in my book.

Choc mousse
The service, ambience and food were all top notch here – not that I would expect anything else. At £90 it wasn’t the cheapest lunch I’ve had with my brother, but I’d definitely go back and do it all again!

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