Tartufo, 11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel, Chelsea


Finally! Some excitement in Chelsea that doesn’t involve some form of awkward silence, an abnormally croaky voice or a half-baked attempt at a verbal slagging match between Spencer and Louise.

Off I tottered at the end of a fairly long and tedious day to the newest opening in SW3 – I say tottered…I got a cab, as one does “11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel please – just behind Sloane Square”.

First things first – we had to visit the bar. I’d been told about the barman’s expertise and was treated to a fantastic cocktail that had all number of wonderfulness in it and set me right up for exquisite dinner I was about to have.
Downstairs in the basement of this boutique hotel is Tartufo – the latest offering from the extremely talented, not to mention gorgeous Alexis Gauthier. With Italian born Manuel Oliveri who has worked with Alexis at Gauthier Soho since 2010 at the helm of this beautiful 45 cover dining room, what could go wrong? Nothing!
Once we were watered and wined (a lovely full bodied white from Sardinia) we selected our food. My starter of English asparagus with Parmesan crisp was perfectly cooked, whilst my friends scallops were also divine. Scallops and asparagus – things were off to a flying start.

P1050635 P1050636

Only to get better it seems with a middle course of risotto to share between us, this had been laced with truffle oil and had a generous amount of truffles sprinkled on top, this was so good, rich and decadent and just so so delicious!

Next came my pork, which was the first dish to catch my eye as soon as we saw the menu. Rich goodness that was utterly gorgeous. The chickpea beignets were something I’ve never had before, and certainly something I will endevour to have again, they were a bit like chips, but nicer and I’d imagine healthier. My friend’s lamb neck dish was delicious too,  beautifully tender with the thyme and Parmesan gratin and a lovely jus.

P1050640 P1050639
We didn’t go for dessert but opted for a cheese platter instead – with a glass of red of course… Aged Parmesan (I know it’s all ‘aged’ but this was 32 month aged I think), pecorino and another soft cheese that I don’t know the name of but had a coating of herbs – this was my favourite – anyone know the name of it??

The food was just exquisite (I know that is such a cop out of a word but it really was) beautifully presented, tasting divine, such a treat. You know when you go out for dinner and you don’t need to worry about anything. Well this was one of those places. Already booked my next visit!

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