The Breakfast Club, Rufus Street, Hoxton


You would think that after a massive lunch, a massive meaty dinner complete with too much to drink I’d not really be up for a big breakfast. For the most  part you would be right. But, a combination of too much food and booze one day does often give one a fierce hunger the next.
So at 8.30 on a Friday morning off i toddled to The Breakfast Club in Hoxton Square. Why, you might ask, was I up that early on Good Friday when there was no work to be done. Trains / ferries needed to be caught before lunch so as to placate the parents I had not gone to see the night before.
So it turns out, there are breakfasts and there are breakfasts… And my my this is one hell of a breakfast (excuse my use of the word hell when talking about such a holy day).
I went for de-caf black coffee and Huevos Rancheros. Those of a delicate disposition over breakfast look away now, for this was ginormous! 2 fried eggs, a dollop each of guacamole, salsa & sour cream, 2 gorgeously oily chorizos, a large spoon of chilli, about 3 triangles of cornbread and some watercress on the side presumably to add some colour?! Wow! Everything tasted wonderful. Eggs perfectly cooked, there was enough guac & sour cream to cut the oiliness of the chorizo. I nearly finished it but not quite.

photo 1 photo 4

My friend went for Huevos Al Benny – apparently the spicy version of mine, although the muffins, poached eggs and lashings of Hollandaise have a distinctly different look, not to mention the amusing polka-dots of chilli all over it. I didn’t try it so can’t tell you how good it was, what I can tell you is that there was a clean plate within about 8 minutes.

 photo 2
I can honestly say these dishes are things that I would never cook at home – at least not for breakfast – but they were seriously good. Who knew breakfast in the trendy part of town could be that good that early in the morning! Certainly not me, can we have a breakfast club in south West London please??


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