Coq d’Argent, No1 Poultry, The City

Perched on top of the old Mappin & Webb building, Coq d’Argent has been satisfying City Boys for over 2 decades and Mickael Weiss has been at the helm for half of that time. When I first moved to London my first job was Events Co-ordinator at this prestigious eatery, now as a naive country gal I had no idea what I was in for working in a top City restaurant. It never stops up there – the hardworking staff work tirelessly through fully booked lunches and dinners offering immaculate service without the pretence you might expect from a City restaurant.

I, as I vaguely made you aware by mentioning it once or twice, was briefly unemployed last year and during that time the Boy let me off my rent and bills etc. So once I became gainfully employed again I decided it was time to take him up to the hallowed rooftop that saw my restaurant events career start off. I’ve been promising to take him there for the last 3 years.

We arrived and our table wasn’t quite ready so we popped into the rather full bar and got ourselves a sharpener to begin the evening. Almost as soon as we had ordered these, our table was ready… Hmm – a cunning ruse to make us order more drinks or a happy coincidence…. The latter I am sure.

We had a lovely table in the main area and but not too central. The bread and butter arrived promptly as well as the menus and the ENORMOUS  wine list. The sommelier was extremely useful during the wine choosing bit of the evening – so often they plump for an expensive bottle that you may not like but it’s good for their sales – but this one was really good and we had a glass of white wine each for starters and a bottle of red to go with out decadent main course.

My starter was snails – I always used to have them when I dined there years ago and they were pretty gorgeous this time round, juicy and so so much garlic butter! The Boy had smoked salmon which tasted amazing, although the presentation wasn’t what it used to be. The wine we had with our starters worked very well – I had a glass of utterly sublime french white – the name of which has completely escaped me. My man had a glass of Cloudy Bay – which, to his relief I didn’t like!

This dinner was a treat so we decided to go the whole way and order a Chateaubriand – rare – with dauphinois potatoes and sautéed spinach. It was so so so good, the meat was perfectly cooked, meltingly tender and exceedingly tasty. The meat was plated but not carved at the table. The dauphinois and sautéed spinach were also wonderful. Our sommelier – when asked if he could suggest a red wine that would be light enough for me but man enough for the Boy who loves big wines – recommended a real gem of a wine. It was a perfect Tempranillo from Rioja.

We really had no room for dessert but opted for 3 boules of ice-cream. We were delighted to have an extra little present from Mickael – two desserts! In my HUMBLE opinion – although the Christmas dessert was gorgeous – after a Chateaubriand and an excess of garlic you don’t really need much more than a little ice cream – we did however polish off both desserts! The amazing thing about desserts at Coq d’Argent is that they literally are works of art!


What a dinner. What a venue. It’s not a cheap night out, and for me, it’s not the closest restaurant to my house – but I love this place. Go in the summer and it’s one of the best rooftop restaurants in London, even in winter the heated terraces have lovely rugs for you to snuggle up in. Mickael’s menu is just wonderfully varied whilst sticking closely to his roots – you won’t be disappointed.

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