Wright Brothers, Soho

I love evenings like this, when you meet up with a friend for a drink, you get a bit peckish and you wander around the streets of Soho looking for somewhere that doesn’t resemble a packed tube at rush hour. Wright Brothers on Kingly Street is not somewhere I would have expected to find myself on a Friday evening. The PR mill that has surrounded this place has been huge and although I love seafood, I very rarely go to restaurants that are famed for their seafood; until now….

We wandered hopefully into Wright Bros and asked shyly if they had a table… No, but 2 spaces at the counter had just become available. This actually was much better as we got to see the action from the front row, so we grabbed those. Once settled in and quietly tucking into the bread that was brought over, we started to consult the menu and the wine list. Imagine my glee to find what is actually really quite a good wine list, selling lovely wine at prices that didn’t make my eyes water, then, I think I actually sqeaked at the next bit, they sell all the wine by the litre! We were in for the long haul then, and we ordered a litre of the scrumptious Gamay at £34 – incredible value in my eyes given our location!

Oysters next. I do not, never have and never will claim to be an expert on these delicacies, until then I didn’t actually know the different types all have a slightly different taste. We started off with 3 ‘Brownsea Island’ and 3 Duchy oysters. The Brownseas were gorgeous, again, I’ve never really stopped to properly consider the taste of an oyster, these really were good. The Duchys; my friend really liked but they were huge – not a dainty oyster! Later on we had more Brownseas and some Carlingfords too – I’ve not eaten that many oysters in one sitting ever! So decadent.

We were on a roll, and couldn’t resist a steak tartar each. We watched it being made as we had watched our oytsers being opened from our perches at the bar. It was gorgeous, the steak was melt-in-the-mouth good, just perfectly seasoned with a little kick of chilli or cayenne. I can’t really say much more about it, it was perfect!

After the steak and the 2nd batch of oysters we still had a little red wine left so felt it would be a little rude not to have some cheese with it – so he cheesebored was ordered. This was, I’m sorry to say, the ONLY imperfect bit of the evening, I wouldn’t call it a low point or a bad dish; it just wasn’t great, the passion that goes into the steak tartar and the shelfish just doesn’t seem to have made it to the cheese plate – I know it’s hard to make a cheese plate exciting, but it just didn’t have the same impact that absolutly everything else had.

I cannot wait to go back to Wright Brothers, the food was amazing, the service and menu knowledge – top notch and the atmosphere was just really chilled out – just what we needed to take us into a weekend. Our bill came to £87 which for Soho and the sheer amount that we had was excellent value! Repeating myself a little bit, but you just can’t beat nights like this!

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