Ryvita – Not just for girls!


As part of my mid-week dinner party the other week I decided to test out these new Ryvita crackers on my guests for the cheese course. I managed to get thoroughly over excited in the cheese isle and we ended up with about 6 different cheeses, one of which (this one provided by one of the guests) was so deliciously runny and smelly it practically ran off the board, onto the crackers and into our mouths of its own accord. I might add I don’t usually expect my guests to bring cheese to a dinner party, I had warned them there might be a cheesy end to the party.

For the crackers we had the Ryvita ‘Crackers made for cheese.’ We had the black pepper ones and the golden rye ones. I love the idea of having black pepper in ‘cheese biscuits’ – it actually works and I’m sure I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen it done before.  They went with all the cheeses we tested them with; runny, blue, hard, goats, sheep. Pretty good result I’d say. They kind of have the texture of a water biscuit but with a little more flavour to them.

One major bonus for me is that Ryvita have done something that not all cheese biscuit people do, the biscuits are in smaller packets of 6 within the box – perfect – I hate it when I have a dinner party, forget to buy fresh biccies and find the only ones I’ve got are, well squidgy.  

Frankly, it’s about time Ryvita branched out to cheese biscuits, it’s a market they should do really well in given the scrummy crispbreads they do. They aren’t to everyone’s taste but a few dark rye crispbreads with Philly or tuna mayo on makes them perfect quick lunch alternatives to sandwiches! Once the sun comes out, the toaster goes away for breakfast and out come the Ryvita.

Quickly back to my cheese biccies, they are a rather tasty new addition to your cheeseboard. They’ll keep and they won’t break the bank!

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