Basic White Sauce

This is something that everyone should know, actually in  my opinion this is something that everyone MUST know how to make. It forms the base of a lasagne, most fish pies, fricasee, chicken pies. This is an essential part of any cook’s recipe knowledge.

Here is the basic recipe

25g Butter
35g Plain Flour
200g Milk

  • slowly melt the butter in a saucepan
  • Once it has melted, turn the heat right down an using a balloon whisk add the flour and mix it all up to form a pasteRoux
  • Turn up the heat a little and add the milk in 3 batches, stirring all the time with the whisk

  • Once the sauce reaches the boil it will thicken – you will know when it is done as it will coat the back of a spoon

  • Turn the heat off – it’s done

Now this is a really rather dull sauce – I’m not going to hide that fact. But it’s so easy to make it nicer, add some cheese. Add some white wine. Add some mushrooms, red wine and garlic.  Thenuse it as part of a pasta bake, or the white bit of a lasagne or the sauce for a fish pie. The world is your oyster!

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