Glo, Walton-on-thames

I’m having trouble again people; I can’t think how to start this post, do I talk about 2011? Nope; my last post was on 2010 it’s all too samey. Do I talk about my post holiday cash-flow? No, because all I can think about it my lovely boyfriend or my lovely boss rolling their eyes telling me how bad at budgeting I am – I’m not bad, I’m just ummm unwise.

I had planned, like most people, to go on a massive diet at the start of this year, not eating anything unhealthy, exercising to the max being a seriously good girl. But good girls have no fun, so I had to go to Glo. It’s outside of my usual comfort zone but the expectation of a sharing platter with loads and loads of meat was just too much to resist.

We arrived – eventually – the trusty Google Map directed us to the back of an alleyway and we directed to our table, we plumped for a larger table than we ought to have done, ooooh and thank goodness we did. My starter, hoisin duck pancakes with all the trimmings was good, it wasn’t perhaps the best I’ve ever had as I did feel that the duck had been cooked probably earlier in the evening and chopped so that whoever ordered it didn’t have to wait too long for their food. Le boyfriend had the calamari which was spectacular, it really was. So often, even in really good places, the calamari has that rubbery texture, but this was perfect.


Main course; we went all out and plumped for the sharing platter for 2. It was MASSIVE. Their speciality steak (marinated for 24 hours I’ll have you know), a pork chop, 3 lamb chops, half a poussin, chilli chips and onion rings. Wow! The boy got himself another beer and I readied myself with some fizzy water – this was going to be a challenge. We went for the steak first; it was divine,  so tender and cooked perfectly. The pork chop also tasted lovely although I did think it was slightly overdone – it is so difficult to get pork, every time I try to cook it, I think I’ve done it so it won’t be dry but it always is. The lamb chops were awesome, perfectly cooked and surprisingly tender – I’m so used to chargrilled chops from the BBQ that I don’t think I’ve ever had ‘restaurant standard’ ones. And three of them, too many for us but very yummy. Lastly on the meat; the poussin. Half a bird lovingly coated in a spice mix that kept it gloriously moist. If I was to go again I would go for one of the dishes within this platter, by the time we’d worked our way through this platter our taste buds were too tired to distinguish between the different flavours. So I would definitely try the steak as it’s own dish or the lamb chops….mmmmmm

This visit being all in the name of research we felt we had to try the pudding. Banoffee Pie…. Mmmmmm, my favourite; and it came with honeycomb ice-cream! The pie was the unhealthiest thing I have eaten all year; and it was worth every bite. There was so much toffee with a little bowl of extra toffee on the side, just in case you hadn’t had quite enough sugar in the pie bit. The other dessert, the signature ‘Ice cream money bags’ wow, interesting, for me it was just one sugar hit too far but the boyfriend loved them and finished them off in double-quick time despite having not been sure he could face having pudding.


Glo was a good little find and has all the potential to be a ‘Giraffe’ of this world, it’s got a cool comfortable interior with a menu that suits adults and children. We went on a Tuesday evening in early January and it was quite busy. It’s not going to win a Michelin star, but it will give you a blooming good meal for a fraction of the price of a Michelin star!

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