La Chardon – Oh, la, la

For our second anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided that we would head to a test a new French restaurant that had been recommended to us by a number of our friends, this little gem in South London is called La Chardon and is tucked away on the Abbeville Road in Clapham.

As it was a Monday evening we were expecting to be the only ones in their however, we were pleasantly surprised to see a fair few other diners already in their, and even a few French people, which I always think is a good sign in a French restaurant!

After a glass of their very reasonably priced Champagne and a few very tasty olives we tucked into our starters and a good glass of red. I opted for the snails, I just can’t resist them when I see them on the menu whilst my other half went for the deep fried Brie. Both starters were lovely, however, we were slightly disappointed to be told that they had not received their bread delivery today and therefore they had no bread to offer us to soak up the garlic goodness left over by the snails, especially when there is a superb deli down the road that they could of bought some from during the day.

For mains we did our usual trick of both wanting exactly the same thing, so we both had the ostrich streak in a peppercorn sauce and ordered a side of vegetables, chips and dauphinoise potatoes to accompany it. The steak was delicious and cooked beautifully (although if you like your steak well done this one is not for you as it will turn into something the consistency of a leather!). The sides were also very good, although the vegetables did provide an overwhelming taste of garlic that meant after a couple of mouthfuls, that was pretty much all that could be tasted for the rest of the dinner, even though it was washed down with a nice drop of red.

On to pud… Now neither of us really had room for pudding, if we are honest we were just being gluttonous, hey it was a Monday night and we all know Monday is the new Friday. I opted for the pancakes with chocolate sauce and ice cream, whilst my boyfriend decided to opt for the apple tart with flaming Calvados (I am sure he only chose that one because he wanted it all to himself, as he knows how much I hate fruit – yes I don’t like fruit, and yes I know it is weird!).

Now when the bill came it was a bit of a shock, yes we had a fair amount to eat, and a couple of glasses of wine each, but we certainly weren’t expecting it to come to £60 each. Although, I don’t think this is a fair reflection as other friends who have been there usually spend around £40 a head which sounds a much more palatable price to pay, so don’t let what we spent put you off.

So if you are looking for a good French restaurant to go to any day of the week I would recommend Le Chardon, for both dates and meals with friends. We will certainly be going back there again.

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