The Bar at Zuma

Last night, I foolishly arranged to go for drinks with a friend in central London. Not that the going for drinks part was foolish, it was the fact that it was the finale of Spooks last night and, having just moved house, we haven’t got Sky plus yet… So I had to be the saddest person I know and let my friend know that we could only have a couple of drinks as I had to get back to SW18 by 9pm. I’m a 20-something living in London – I should NOT be worrying about missing a TV programme – I’m too young for that.

So to redress the balance and thanks to some advice a knowledgable fellow on Twitter the Dane and I opted for the bar at Zuma – if I’m going to get home in time for my TV programme, my drinks might as well cost the same as your average meal for two.

I was a bit worried that they didn’t allow ‘just drinks’ but thankfully they do and there was a lovely spot at the bar. This is Knightsbridge and the restaurant is a celebrity hotspot, so one does have to take a pinch of salt with everything and everyone there. At 6.45 the place for stiff with suits, some more lubricated than others. The lovely ‘Walter,’ an Irish suit, tried his luck with at least 3 of the group of 4 Hungarian ladies; needless to say he failed miserably – well with lines like “seriously though last time I was forced over here and this time I have come over of my own accord and I think yuuuuuuuurrrr all beautiful,  no no, I really do” what can you say…

Cocktail time – I had the Kiwi Bellini, I can’t remember what was in it apart from lots of lovely fresh kiwis (I know that’s an obvious thing to say but it’s just to point out that they didn’t use any syrup, it was all the real deal) and there was lots of Proseco and some other things (sorry). But, what I liked the most about it was the fact that it wasn’t served in a Champagne glass, it was in a long glass which kept it fresh and cold for longer and meant the lovely kiwi seeds didn’t congregate in a flump at the bottom of the glass. The Dane a had a Passion Bellini, hers was served in a Champagne glass but was equally gorgeous with hints of fresh green apple with the passion fruit – both gorgeous.  We also had the Zuma Berry punch with lots of fresh berries pulverized and a shot or two of Elements 8 rum – not as good as my kiwi but still really good and then there was the Zuma Mojito, now I’m not a fan of tequila and if I was I wouldn’t put it in a mojito, I thought it killed the mint totally. But out of 4 drinks, that was the only one that wasn’t perfect, the Dane still drank it though! Not being able to afford to eat at Zuma unless someone else is paying we opted for a bowl of £4.50 Edamame that had been steamed and salted (fried with chilli was the other option). The bowl was larger than I was expecting so thumbs up there.

So, it wasn’t cheap, but the bar was buzzing, the staff helpful and friendly and more importantly the drinks were fabulous.

I would highly recommend it…. but I reckon we were lucky to get a spot at the bar because we went on a Monday. If you’re going later in the week – get on the cocktail train early! Go on, the boss won’t mind!

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