Sticky BBQ Spare Ribs

With the heatwave in full swing – hands up who’s bored of charred sausages or tasteless chicken drumsticks…..? And…. hands up who’s also bored of thinking ‘oooh, let’s have a BBQ for supper’ and then getting to the supermarket and finding everything remotely pre-marinated has gone.

So I’ve come up with an easy marinade for spare ribs that uses store cupboard ingredients so you can buy the plain ribs in the supermarket – they are always there because no one know how to do the sticky marinade!!
1 x 500g packet of Pork Ribs
4tbsp runny honey
1 good squeeze tomato puree
4tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
a slosh white cooking wine
pulp of 5 tomatoes
2 drops of Tabasco
Put all the ingredients (apart from the ribs…obviously) into a blender and whizz.
pop the ribs into a mixing bowl and pour the mouthwateringly wonderful smelling all over them. Get your hands into the bowl and massage the marinade into the pork.
Leave to marinade for at least a couple of hours.
Whack ’em on the BBQ and they will turn yummy and sticky and mmmmmmmm.

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