Too Hungry to wait for supper

The likelihood of me ever being ‘too hungry’ to wait for my grub is pretty slim!

But last night i was so ‘hungry’ that i decided to create a little snackette.

Very easy. Very Quick. Not very healthy.

You will need:
1 vine tomato
a lump of cheese
sprinkle of Thyme
A sprig of parsley if you’re feeling poncy and are planning on taking a photo of your snack!
Turn on the grill
Cut the tomato in half
Roughly cut off a lump of cheese
Sprinkle some thyme on the tomato halves
Balance the cheese on to the tomato halves

If you’re tomatoes aren’t balancing, with a serrated knife slice a very very very think slice off the bottom of the tomato so each half has a flat bottom.
Sprinkle a little more thyme on top of the cheese and a little grindy pepper

Place under the grill until the cheese has melted.


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