Spiralized courgettes with roast tomatoes and feta cheese

I love a gimmick. Especially when it’s a food related and not too expensive gimmick. I also love pasta – far too much for my own good. So when everyone started to do spiralizer courgettes as pasta I held out as long as I could. But eventually a ridiculously good looking photo on Pinterest pushed … More Spiralized courgettes with roast tomatoes and feta cheese

Crab Linguine

I want to start with ‘I’m really getting back into this blogging thing’ but I know as soon as I write that, I’ll not blog for weeks, months or years! But I am enjoying it again. Blogging is a fantastic distraction for me, when I get home from work, if I switch my laptop on … More Crab Linguine

Tarka Dhal Recipe

It’s been a whole week and the smell of curry has finally left the building. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed making the curry from scratch grinding the spices and everything, but the smell has been in the flat for the entire week. However, it was the curry and not the dhal that made the … More Tarka Dhal Recipe