MeatUp Grill, Wandsworth Town


I spend quite a lot of time on my morning bus ride contemplating how to start blog posts, so much time in fact that these days I rarely actually start typing. The logical thought process then moves to the ‘why don’t I just close the site and give it up’ or along those lines anyway. But then what excuse would I have for taking pictures of everything I eat / cook. People are totally (mostly) fine with it when I tell them, oh it’s for my blog (ending the phrase with an upward tone of voice obvs) so I sound like a really cool food blogger when in fact I type what I like, when I like and don’t get sponsored to eat / wear / drink anything (unfortunately). But if I gave the blog up, I couldn’t justify the fact that actually I love taking pictures of food. I love how different chefs create their dishes to make them pleasing for the eye AND the belly. And when I’m at home, I love to see how my food has developed and my ‘skill’ or lack thereof photographing and cooking food.

So, dinner companions, by-standers, waiters. Suck it up chaps. My little IPhone is going to keep making an appearance to take a quick little snap of my food. Just be thankful I don’t lug around a massive SLR or use the flash!!

Last week, I took some spectacularly bad pictures of what was actually a bloody good dinner. I should add at the outset, Vicki and I didn’t finish all of this food – well, umm, we almost did, but we’re not greedy, honest….

MeatUp Grill has just arrived in Wandsworth Town. It’s taken the place of what was a fairly gloomy Moroccan restaurant and brought a snifter of hipster to Nappy Valley. You know those new places you read about and you look at the menu and you silently beg them to live up to the dishes that sound so good on the menu.

For a Tuesday night I was glad I booked as when we left it was pretty much full and a couple of the blackboarded cuts of steak had sold out. Our waitress diligently explained how the steaks were served which was lovely, she was clearly delighted with herself for remembering all the ingredients to both the red and green slaws which was kind of endearing.

Picture pinched from their Facebook page

Our sharing starter of ale braised pig cheeks, ribs and chargrilled chicken pieces was excellent – we are fairly sure it was for four people, but we ate the lot anyway. The ribs were just so sticky and rich and messy and just, just great. Vicki couldn’t get enough of the chicken bits which were far from the dry bits of chicken one sometimes gets faced with. And the piggy bits were lush, but in need of their little pot to be hot as they got cold very quickly.

A 250g rare ribeye with skinny fries and red slaw for me and a 250g sirloin with chunky fries and green slaw for Vicks. Both excellent. Couldn’t fault them. We had some roasted vegetables as well which we only had the tenderstem broccoli and tomatoes from – the enormous chunks of roasted carrots and parsnips were way too wintery, so got avoided.


Obviously by that point we were totally and completely full so there was no way we were going to have dessert, so we squeezed our slightly rouge’d faced selves out of the restaurant and in to the night homeward bound. The decision I then made to BorisBike home was not one I would repeat.

NB – the pictures I took were so terrible that you’ll have to make do with the ones I’ve nicked from their website.

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