Kanada-Ya, St Giles High Street, London


I’ll keep it short. I have been craving a bowl of lovely hot comforting ramen for weeks and finally got myself organised to have some last Thursday.   Instead of the usual pilgrimage and queue to Bonedaddies or hiding in a dark corner of Tonkotsu, both of which are outstanding and never let you down (unless you order totally the wrong thing as I did last time I went) we popped up to Kanada-Ya to see what all the fuss is about!

20130328-163659.jpg      IMG_0931 (2)

My friend was particularly excited a it being able to order his noodles hard, regular or soft – hard is recommended although I couldn’t get the thought of overly aldente pasta out of my head so went with regular. Two bowls of Original Ramen arrived both with their extra egg and Ma-ya (charred black garlic sauce). Delicious. I ran out of adjectives to describe dishes I like ages ago, so you’re stuck with delicious or heavenly or comforting.

IMG_0881    IMG_0882

It’s not as pretty as a Bonedaddies bowl of ramen, it’s a little plain in colour which on first sight I took to mean it would be lacking in flavour; nope. It packs in so much flavour, and the egg yolk is so dark and gloopy (in a good way) it’s just a wonderful bowl of food that delivers all you want. I have yet to try it but I reckon this is probably the ultimate hangover cure.
Go there. Get in before the queue and enjoy it.

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