Ginger Pig, Butchery Class


It’s been a while since I wrote a post so I thought I’d pen a short note about the Masterclass I attended last night at The Ginger Pig. The certificate for the Masterclass was a Christmas present and covered a 3 hour class at their Moxon St HQ with knife skills, a meal at the end and a joint to take home.

photo 4

Obviously I turned up late for starters owing to a huge error in judgement by trying to take a bus down Oxford St instead of walking. No matter we snuck in and listened to the remaining introduction about the providence of our pork and the history and passion of the guys at Ginger Pig – sounds a bit cliche I know, but if wasn’t – they kept it short and interesting. Then upstepped Perry, who with audience participation and a lot of laughs proceeded to take apart half a pig in front of us showing us all the cuts and talking us through what is good for what etc.

photo 3

I should add here I had (obviously) decided on the Pork class owing the fact that in the trade I am in I’ve seen a lot of beef, lamb and game butchery and never really pork. And, you never know I might turn into Barbara from the Good Life or Hugh Fearlessly-Eats-It-All one day and have to butcher my own pigs – long way off and but of a pipe dream I know, but….
I digress. Once the pig had been take apart we were shown how to debone and roll the loin that we were going to do and take home. I got the back end of the loin which meant I got the beautiful tender loin bit too. Win. I was fairly proud of my attempt at deboning the piece, there wasn’t much left on the backbone, but it wasn’t my tidiest work. Seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and some ground fennel seeds the loin (all 2.9kgs of it) are now ready for me to find 8 friends to come and eat it.

Roasted loin with the best crackling I’ve ever had, dauphinois potatoes and a couple of glasses of Picpoul de Pinet were next on the schedule (carefully orchestrated so we only got wine once we’d put the crazy sharp knives down), followed by a massive portion of bread and butter pudding laced with melty chocolate and we were off home.
Roast Pork
It’s not the cheapest way to spend 3 hours on a Monday night, but the class was fantastic and I have consequently looked up evening classes for a proper butchery course – yeah yeah – I know, not very ladylike but come on, wouldn’t it be so cool to know how to do it all yourself?!

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