The Sunken Chip, Paris

french flag    The French Chapter

When I sent a pic of my fish and chips I’m Paris to some friends in England they were horrified… If I’d sent then a filet de sole meunière avec frites they wouldn’t have said a thing of course, but I was sitting on the side of a canal eating battered hake, awesome chips and minty mushy peas out of a paper wrapper with a wooden fork so it didn’t sit right with them at home.

photo 1

The Sunken Chip, owned by and English and a Frenchman is the quintessential Fish and Chip shop with a trendy hipster ultra cool vibe, and the Parisians love it. The interior is fairly sparse, with a ‘takeaway’ neon on the wall above a shelf of pickled onions and pickled eggs of varying flavours. They’ve spent a great deal of time importing some British childhood favourites – who remembers Wham bars and sherbet dib dabs… Well they’ve got them, as well as refresher bars and curly wurlys, oh and the drinks – who wouldn’t want a can of IronBru with their fish and chips?! For the grown ups wanting a taste of home, they’ve got Newcastle Brown Ale that my Dad loved!

photo 5

Three of us went for the Hake and chips while Dad opted for the haddock and chips – be aware what is on the menu isn’t always there, they rely on their fishmonger bringing the freshest catch each day – cliché I know, but it’s true.

photo 4

The hake was delicious, juicy and flakey and perfectly cooked. The batter was crispy and light. It’s a generous portion of fish and even more so of chips, which are much better than your local chippy, the right ratio of softness to crispy ends.

To the Mushy peas… I’m not a fan generally… Too much school snot look-a-like stuff is etched into my memory, but I was assured by my brother that these were fantastic. Of course they were. On the cusp of being crushed rather than mushy, but they were fresh and minty and lush (yep, I really did just type the word lush).

I’d go back there any day, if I can find it, it’s bloody marvellous.

photo 2

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