John Salt, Upper Street, Islington

So in a bid to get back into my blogging this little entry might be a bit short and the photography seriously average (having had a look through the photos – I can only actually bring myself to post one of the four photos I took), but it’s a blog which will (in theory) kick start my blogging again and keep my biggest fan; my mother, happy!!

I had a bit of an adventure last night! I think we all know I’m a bit of a Sloane who gets dizzy if she ventures north of Piccadilly Circus, so a trip to Angel was an exciting adventure and to be going to the preview of John Salt’s new chefs and menu was doubly exciting.
For the first time in my life I was on time! Just had to mention that as this almost NEVER happens!

We arrived, far too early for dinner so indulged in a cocktail or two; my Albion Highball, despite the average presentation was gorgeous, it was lovely and refreshing and actually a really perfect ‘aperitif’. They have a huge selection of bottled and draught beers for the gents out there and the wine list ain’t bad either.

Once at our table upstairs, while we perused the menu, prices up to about £9 for a starter and up to £19 for a main, a board of toasted homemade sourdough and two copper pots of potted jowl with bone marrow was put in front of this. Um, yummy! There were some thin slices of pickled vegetables as well which did really well to cut the fattiness of the potted jowl.

My starter was the unanimously agreed top trump of the whole table – even if I do say so myself. “Raw beef, pear, sesame”. It was fantastic; the beef was tender and had been rubbed with some sort of chilli and it all just worked – it’s not a complicated dish, I can’t write reams about the intricacies of the flavour, I don’t need to. The pork floss was lovely with a sweet jelly mixing well with the salty popcorn and the burnt leek dish with an egg yolk, Parmesan and truffle was smokey and tasty if slightly lacking on the truffle side of things, but then we know that I would probably swim in truffles if I could so my judgement is slightly off.

Image Three out of four of us had the whole coal baked crab with bisque butter, this was good and meaty, some of mine was a little too charred for my taste. But the chips, oh the chips – they just looked like normal chips, but the beef dripping made them so so good, even though I was absolutely full I had to finish them. The skirt steak looked juicy and delicious, I sadly didn’t get a bite of that, but I don’t blame my friend for not offering.

The service was excellent and the staff were friendly. I love the decor  it’s not fancy and it’s not trying to be anything pretentious, it’s just comfy and cool – what a terrible description – sorry! I love all the light fittings though, upstairs they’ve got this cool strip light thingy which I was really impressed by – I know simple things…. I would definitely go back, I love these simple menus that aren’t too fussy and just let the ingredients do the talking.

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