Galvin at Windows, Hilton Park Lane

My cocktail drinking absence hasn’t been entirely selfish, the curse of having a job I love has meant that I have been really rather busy. So to mark my return, I thought I’d venture up to another dizzyingly high bar – Galvin at Windows on top of the Hilton Park Lane. Being the slightly excitable individual that I am, I was almost quivering with anticipation by the time we got there as I’ve been wanting to return to this bar for quite sometime.

Once up on the 28th floor we were requested to leave coats and bags in the cloakroom “handbags are fine, just all bags and coats please.” I’m not a huge fan of being told that I have to leave my bag in the cloakroom but I do see why they do this, it’s a swanky bar with limited space and they don’t want the floor cluttered up with my canvas bag for my shoes!

Our table wasn’t in the window, which was disappointing, but not hugely unexpected as we hadn’t booked, but it was nice enough and we got moved to a window table later in the evening. I ordered “A woman in love”, a Champagne cocktail at just over £15. I loved the presentation in an over-sized old-fashioned Champagne glass with a juicy (very probably not British) blackberry on the rim. It was very tasty and very sweet but I ordered a cocktail with peach Schnapps in it so I shouldn’t be surprised. I would have liked it to have been topped ip slightly more with a glorious slug or two more of Pommery, but that’s just me being greedy.  

My second cocktail was a “Pinkmellow.” Now this was the definition of sweet, garnished with a marshmallow and served in a martini glass at just shy of £11. If I had been concentrating when I ordered it I would have noticed that list of ingredients was going to result in a drink that didn’t taste of an awful lot. I was just blinded by my excitement for a drink with a marshmallow!

For my third drink I’m afraid I came over all sensible and went for a “Notting Hill”, a non-alcoholic tall drink that consisted of mainly mango juice and passion fruit. In essence this was lovely, with the exception of the fact that that crushed ice was only in the top of the glass so the bottom part wasn’t chilled.

The drinks at Galvin were good, interesting and beautifully presented but not as flavourful as they should have been. I must just close with the most annoying-slash-amusing bit of the evening: Once a table was vacated by a guest, the member of staff, obviously, wiped the table, replaced the menu and then proceeded to hoover round the table with a miniature dust-buster. I’m sure this is the most time efficient way of clearing up but given how many tables there are one would have thought they could have found at least some quieter way of clearing the place! The hovering could have waited until after they had closed as they lights are so dim you can’t see the floor and what’s on it.

An £84 bill, not cheap I’ll admit, but we had 3 cocktails, 3 glasses of wine and some ‘mini chorizo’ (for £10!). It could have been worse. We didn’t spend as much as we did at Paramount, but then we were about 8 floors lower down… I wonder if the bill is done according to how high you sit above sea-level?!

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