Another Super Speedy Salmon Supper

As sit here on this glorious sunny morning (well it was morning when I started this), I’ve got half an eye on the Boyfriend in garden (his shed is too big so he’s shrinking it) and half an eye on the Hollandaise sauce that I’ve just made for our eggs Benedict brunch. In truth I’ve got my eyes anywhere but this computer screen. I’ve got a bad case of Bloggers Block. My imagination I still very much there, it’s just that it would rather imagine other stuff or be heavily sedated by reading the Daily Mail online – my ultimate guilty pleasure!

I digress, a couple of nights ago, having told the boyfriend I would be home at 7.30ish, I rocked in at 9.30 to find him busying himself with the various decorating tasks that are still ongoing in the flat. He hadn’t eaten – I had got some salmon out of the freezer that morning and to be honest I’m not entirely sure he’d know what to do with it if he was left to his own devises.

So I whipped up this supper in 15 minutes – I had rung ahead to get the oven turned on and the kettle boiled.

2 Salmon fillets
2 large tbsp crème fraiche
½ tsp squirt of tomato puree
Teeny tiny squirt of garlic puree (the size of a pea)
1 large tsp wholegrain mustard
A grind of pepper
A grind of salt

  • Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees
  • Line a baking tin with tin foil (I used a cake tin as it was the first thing that jumped into my hand)
  • Place the salmon fillets into the tin, skin side down
  • In a bowl mix together all the other ingredients
  • Carefully spread the creme fraiche mix over the top of the fillets and place them in the oven for 10 minutes

  • While this is cooking, take half a head of brocoli and chop it into  florets, chop the stalk up as well – this tastes the same as the florets and it’s better to use it than throw it away
  • Boil the broccoli and it’ll be cooked by the time the done

  • Sit down, chill out, relax and enjoy your supper

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