Foxtrot Oscar, Royal Hospital Road

It’s London Restaurant Week and I’m on a diet. Hmmm, which do we think will win; the gym or the LRW discounted menus? Well, you didn’t have to think that hard did you? So it was to Foxtrot Oscar we went last night.
I have always wanted to go to this place, with a name like Foxtrot Oscar who wouldn’t want to go! It’s also, rather shamefully the first restaurant of the Gordon Ramsey empire that I’ve visited.

I was late – as usual. I wasn’t greeted by a waiter / maitre’d or manager at all when I arrived which I thought was a little odd, but there doesn’t seem to be any formal reception desk at all. They redeemed themselves from the lack greeting by asking me if I wanted a drink within seconds of me sitting down – a quality I love and wish all restaurants would do. While waiting for me The Boyfriend had worked out that there wouldn’t be that much of a difference if we strayed from the ‘Spring Menu’ at £18 for 2 courses and £22 for 3 courses. So I duly strayed.

My starter of Dorset Crab linguine was lovely. There was a good amount of chilli in it that gave it one almighty kick! And, if I’m being picky I would have liked a little Olive oil drizzled over it before it was sent out as the pasta had a slight (and it was only slight) stickiness to it. The Boyfriend’s starter of Potted Salt Beef with Cournichons was presented beautifully on a slate with a couple of bits or brown toast.

Dorset crab, chilli, parsley and lemon spaghettini Potted salt beef, cornichons and toast

Our plates were whisked away within seconds of us finishing and the mains were brought after about 5 minutes. Again, if I’m being picky this was waaay too quick – but then as a restaurant it’s very difficult to please everyone, but I would say 10 minutes would be the wait between a starter and main – that may be just me…
I went for the fish pie for the main, it was very good – there was a whole 1 mussel in it (if I was a fan of mussels in fish pie I’d have felt rather hard-done-by, but as it happens I wasn’t hugely fussed). The brocoli was slathered in  butter which did make it slightly loose the broccoli flavour (again, if you don’t like broccoli particularly you’re on to a winner – I was a bit miffed – but I got over it). The caramelised onion tart with poached egg and my ‘Achilles Heal,’ Hollandaise sauce. The tart was lovely; what’s not to like about caramelised onions, poached egg, Hollandaise and beautifully short short-crust pastry holding it all together! As the girlfriend – stereo typically I had the wrong dish, but the fish pie really was good and even after a posh lunch I polished off the lot!

Foxtrot fish pie, broccoli

Caramelized red onion tart with pecorino, rocket and poached hens egg

I didn’t, however, go for pudding. The boyfriend and his sweet-tooth went for sticky toffee pudding, the fork full that I had was gorgeous! It was beautifully sweet with an odd quality that made it look quite dense but once in the mouth it was light as a feather.

Sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream
Coffee, green tea and the bill followed. Just over 100 quid for a pretty good meal. It’s not the cheapest meal I’ve had but it was good and there is I’m sure a certain price point that must be reached to ensure it remains in Gordon’s empire. It’s definitely worth going, the food is good and honest and I imagine a much more chilled out version of its Michelin starred sister a few doors down.

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