Quick, cheap and easy Thai Curry

It’s Wednesday evening (well it was when I wrote this intro – it’s now Thursday morning), I went food shopping more than 5 days ago, I went out last night (the night before); therefore there are some really rather floppy looking vegetables in the fridge and the veg basket. These have to be used up – especially as I need the kitchen to look spotless before the boyfriend’s parents arrive, I can’t have floppy vegetables lying around!

So tonight’s dinner was a massive fridge raid! Warning – the following recipe contains several halves of vegetables, this isn’t to be difficult I just happen to have halves of everything lying around! Also, you may spy some bacon and chorizo in the pan below  – ignore them, to be honest I don’t think they brought much to the party. I would however add some king prawns to give it a bit more oomph.

Serves 2

1/2 Savoy cabbage
1/2 Green chilli
1/2 Courgette
1/2 Red onion
Handful of fresh coriander
1/2 Tin of coconut milk
50g Thai red curry paste
1/2 tsp fresh ginger
The juice of half a lime
10 (ish) cooked king prawns

  • Chop all the ingredients (apart from the courgettes) into thin strips; long or short
  • Using a little oil stir-fry the cabbage, carrot, courgette, onion and chilli
  • After a couple of minutes stir through the red curry paste

  • After another couple of minutes pour in half a tin of coconut milk and stir thoroughly
  • Add the prawns, lime juice, ginger and coriander at this stage
  • Bring the curry to the boil and simmer gently for a minute
  • Serve on a bed of rice with a tiny sprinkle of fresh coriander on top

This was really quick and avoided me wasting loads of lovely vegetables. Make sure you don’t boil it for too long otherwise the veggies will go too soft and it’ll be like a spicy school dinner! 

I’m aware this isn’t the most beautiful dish but it tasted fab.

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