Chunky Guacamole

It’s so so cold outside. It’s March, it’s supposed to be warming up, but no – it’s cooling down. I’m half expecting to be snowed in at some point next week. So we decided to warm things up a bit down here in SW18 with a bit of chilli.

I can’t take any credit for this – the boyfriend made it (almost) all by himself. I was instructed to move this and that but otherwise this isn’t something I did not do.


Makes enough for one cereal bowl’s worth

2 Ripe Avocados
½ Chilli
½ Red Onion
A handful of fresh coriander
6 plum tomatoes
Juice of 1 lime

  • Finely chop the onion, coriander and chilli
  • Pop them into a mortar and add the lime juice
  • Bash it all up into a pulp using a pestle

  • Chop the tomatoes into small chunks and add them to the mortar
  • Bash those up too

  • Halve the avocados, de-stone them and in a large bowl mush them up with a fork

  • Add the onion chilli etc
  • Mix it all up and serve with crisps (obviously)

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