Fernandez & Wells, Lexington Street, Soho

What a place. I mean, what a place. I was meeting a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for way way too long a couple of Saturdays ago. We were meeting up for afternoon tea; if all afternoon teas were like this I reckon I’d be the size of a house. We didn’t go for the usual scones, sandwiches and chocolate cake, but instead we went for ham, cheese and red wine – the wiser choice if you ask me.

We met at Eros and I was guided through the back streets of Soho; left here, right there. And we arrived. Hang on – I’ve walked past this place so many times and I’ve always been in a hurry to get to some irritating computer shop or to get back to the office to discover that I’ve been sold the wrong piece of stupid computer equipment. But Fernandez and Wells is such an enticing shop that you just want to press your nose up against the glass taking in the simple decor and all that ham!

We perched on a couple of stools with our backs to the counter and opted for a couple of glasses of Montepulciano oh and £18.50 worth of Jamon Iberico that had been aged for 36 months. Now, I have to say I’m a huge fan of posh ham, I really am, but I do find it somewhat difficult to stomach £18.50 for a chopping board of wafer thin slices. It tasted scrummy, all £9.25 of it (I was sharing…), but I was just a bit niggled by the price.

More wine, a seat move and sitting at the bar watching the people next to us tucking into some divine smelling chorizo and Manchego. At £6.50 it had to be ordered and it was so good. The wine and Spanish pork went to our heads and we sat in that bar/cafe for about 2 hours.

They keep about 4 wines on the bar which makes getting tipsy on a Saturday afternoon really rather pleasurable as you don’t have to focus on a wine list or really worry about the price as all the glasses are the same (give or take 50p) and you can be sure they will go with cheese or ham or both. I have completely forgotten to mention the raclette – never have I seen raclette outside of the Alps – I’m not trying hard enough some might say – but there it was smelling utterly gorgeous, filling my arteries with the joy of skiing.

I should mention the loo, only because I thought my friend was joking when he said ‘it’s round the corner’. It really is; outside, round the corner, into their coffee shop sister, out the back in a lean-to, cross my heart I’m not making it up. Back to basics, who needs posh soap and marble tiles when you’ve got some of the best Spanish snacking outside of Barcelona.

We came out £50 lighter (well I didn’t), but for that we got 3 glasses of wine each a chopping board of Iberico ham and a place of chorizo and Manchego. What I loved about this place was the fact that we were not hurried to choose more or to drink up, the Spanish guys running it were helpful and everything was done in front of you. To become a regular here would be amazing – but i must think of my waistline so I think it’ll just remain a treat for now. You must go, just great.

One thought on “Fernandez & Wells, Lexington Street, Soho

  1. Was wondering when you’d get around to this! And aren’t you glad for the cheeky shot of the bar – taken while you were getting lost on the way to the loo! I hadn’t really clicked how much it all cost though. From that perspective it was a bit much, I suppose, but then if we’d just avoided the serrano and gone with the chorizo, morcilla &c it is a lot more reasonable. My only complaint is that they could do with just a couple more seats!

    Will find another one for next time 🙂

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