Barrio Central, Poland Street

I went for an after work drink – with the full intention of only having ONE drink…. Needless to say I failed – in the world of twitter a #FAIL would be hanging over my head (for those of you that don’t know Twitter – the #FAIL is the worst thing that could be used to describe anything/anyone). Firstly we popped into a the new-ish Barrio Central in Soho, this is the baby sister/brother of the aptly names Barrio North in, umm, North London. It’s a quirky bar with mis-matched furniture and a very Soho feel to it. What’s more with their Happy Hour lasting from 4-8pm EVERYDAY, it was jam-packed! 

We had to order one of their famous Mojitos (a snip at £3.75!!!!) and they were good, they were fast and good – apparently their record time to make one is 20 seconds! And even though they are only £3.75 they don’t scrimp on the mint or any of the booze, there is a massive chunk of fresh mint in there giving it an amazing freshness that made it go down ultra fast!

W had our drinks in the basement bit where there seemed to be some form of Salsa class going on. It has a kind of Rio meets Jamaica thing going on with a couple of palm trees and chilled out furniture with music from the Rio Carnival blarring out of every speaker. The only flaw I could find in the place is the music, it’s good but it was as if the person playing live couldn’t quite decide what to play as he came on for half a song then the carnival stuff was back on, and if I’m being über critical the music was a little bit too loud I didn’t really want to shout to my friend who was inches away from me when it was only 6.30.

But overall the bar has a fantastic feel to it and is definitely worth a visit particularly as I don’t think you can get a mojito that good for £3.75 anywhere else in Central London!!

One thought on “Barrio Central, Poland Street

  1. Steady on the mojitos there! Also, don’t be bandying about this £3.75 malarkey otherwise everyone will want to go! Seems like a nice enough place but shame about the music.

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