La Gazette – C’est tres fantastique

My boyfriend decided to organise an impromptu dinner to get together a group of friends on Saturday evening. Given that everyone lived in the Fulham/Clapham area he decided to book us into La Gazette as it was easy for everyone to get to.

As we were soon to discover La Gazette is a hidden gem. Located near Wandsworth Bridge this French restaurant tucked away in the residential area, beside the river Thames is a place you need to know about. The clientele was a real mix with a huge French contingent of diners, and tastefully decorated it had a great buzz about the place. The eight of us arrived at 9pm and where promptly shown to our table, and wow what a table. Set slightly apart from the rest of the restaurant, but close enough that you still benefited from the surrounding ambience it was perfect for a group dinner. It was also a great table for a bunch of adults who are really five years old at heart. Made of slate and with chalk provided it was great for letting out the inner child and led to games of pictionary, hangman and us ordering our food though the power of drawings (thankfully the waiter had a sense of humour and appreciated our attempts at drawing the delicious food we were about to be served).

After ordering our food through the power of drawing it shortly arrived. To start with I had the snails, in a French restaurant I just couldn’t resist and I wasn’t disappointed. The garlic butter, which lets face it is the main reason for having the snails was fantastic and some of the best I have had in London. Some of the guys had the beef tartare which was presented beautifully and made at the table so that they could make it to their tastes, it comes highly recommended. The only starter that I would suggest avoiding would be the French Onion Soup, which was extremely oily and was missing the all important crouton.

Then it came to the mains. It turns out that we all fancied having some form of cow for this section of the meal. I managed to persuade a friend to share the Cote de Beouf with me and was very pleased I did. It was cooked beautifully and was more than enough for two to share. The Roquefort sauce which accompanied it was amazing too.

I can’t really tell you about the desserts, as we were all so stuffed from eating most of a cow that there was no room. We did however, force a little room for some cheese though, which I have to say is the biggest variety of cheese that I have ever seen and is definitely worth saving some room for, it also goes extremely well with the port!

The one thing I would say is that the wine is not cheap, the cheapest bottle being £18, however, it is a very drinkable bottle of wine so there isn’t really any need to do for one of the more expensive ones.

The bill came to £50 each which may sound like a lot but I think it was great value for all the food and wine that we drank and that the price includes the service charge I think it is a steal.

We will definitely be going back to this place far more often as it is perfect not only group dinners but also for those more intimate ones too.

Tres bien.

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