Veggie and Bacon Risotto

2 Courgettes diced
5 French beans
8 Green Beans
1 large shallot
1 large garlic clove
2 handfuls of Arborio Rice
2 rashers of bacon (only if you want it – I reckon it’d be better as a vegetarian dish)
1 tbsp Sour Cream OR Creme Fraiche (whichever is in the fridge!)
1 small pile of freshly grated Parmesan
1 vegetable stock cube in a pint of boiling water
A small drizzle of olive oil
1 generous slug of white wine
1 tsp of fresh parsley 

  • Chop up all the vegetables (and the bacon if you’re having it). Make sure the shallot and garlic are finely chopped.
  • Heat up a saucepan with a teeny drizzle of oil and add the shallot a garlic with half of the wine and a teeny bit of the stock.
  • Once the shallot and garlic have softened add the rice. Stir it round so it soaks up all the garlic/shallot juice. Season with lots of lovely black pepper – you won’t need any salt as the stock is quite salty.
  • Here’s the important bit, keep the rice simmering and begin to add the stock bit by bit, once the bit you have added is all sucked up by the rice add some more. Try to keep the rice moving around in the pan – obviously it’s a right royal pain to stir it constantly but just give it a swill round every minute or so and a quick stir. The rice will take about 20 minutes.


  • You’ll be near the rice for this bit so you’ll be able to see when it needs more stock and needs stirring. Heat up a frying pan.
  • Fry off the bacon (if you’re using it). If not – add a little drizzle of oil to the pan.
  • Tip in all the veg and fry off gently.
  • Don’t forget the rice……..
  • If the veg fry quickly and you think they might be a bit too crunchy – just pinch a bit of the stock for the rice.
  • Once the rice is done it will look a bit gloopy, but take care not to boil it too dry.
  • Add the vegetables to the rice and the gloop will lovingly coat the vegetables
  • Grate up a small pile of parmesan, add that to the mixture as well as the sour cream or creme fraiche and the parsley
  • Gentley mix everything together and serve.
  • Mine was a little too creamy as i used too much too much sour cream. AND I really didn’t need the bacon – but I understand that some people have a mental block when it comes to not having any form of meat for sups!

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