The Good Life

I haven’t got much to write in this entry, it is going to be mainly a pictorial post.

The excitement of picking home grown vegetables over the weekend has rendered me speechless!
I, of course, can’t take the credit for this – this is all Jill Pollock’s hard work!! I know that not everyone has a huge plot to plant vegetables but we all have window sills on which we can put a pot of Basil and a pot of parsley… Even fresh parsley tastes different to the dried stuff. Whether you shop at a supermarket or a farmers market you can get your hands on a pot of either of the above under a Fiver and what a difference it’ll make to your food!
While down at Le boyfriend’s parents’ house Sunday supper approached rather fast and we raided the veggie patch. Look what we got!!
In this basket we have:
Onions/shallots (I’m not sure to be honest)
Anya Potatoes
Annabel Potatoes
Broad Beans
Swiss Chard
Isn’t that just absolutely amazing!

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