Slowing Down….

Just come back from a fantabulous week in scorching hot Egypt.
I love it there, it’s really really hot but there was lots of lovely breeze so we didn’t have to worry about baking in the shade.

I had hoped to take lots of holiday foodie snaps but my ‘waterproof’ camera, it seems, isn’t waterproof anymore…..Hmmmm. Very disappointing! So out of the window goes my planned blog schedule of lots of scrummy looking pictures of divine kebabs and authentic ummmm spaghetti bolognese, well, yeah, I wasn’t hugely adventurous I must admit.

But the problem is, I’ve come back with a bit of a writers block. I’ve missed a week of the foodie season so am totally confused as to what i should be cooking (apart from broad beans… not a huge fan, it’s got to be said!)
I can’t talk about ‘The Good Life’ again because I’ll get carried away and start waffling – again.

What next?

Well hopefully the new job will provide me with some good inspiration.

I don’t know if anyone reads this but any ideas or thoughts on:
a) how I’m doing in general
b) what you would like me to write about

Greatly appreciated…

3 thoughts on “Slowing Down….

  1. I've only just found your blog bels – just LOVE it!!!Maybe you can give me some cooking tips or a simple but impressive dinner dish that even I can cope with, so next time I am asked "do you cook?" there might be some chance I could honestly say yes, a little!!!

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