Cecconi’s Restaurant

Thankfully can say, hand on heart, that i did not take any photos of any of the food that was put in front of me. Following Giles Coren’s musings in the Saturday Times today – it’s not something i will try to do in the future either.
I have, only once mind you, taken photos of my food and that was at Bar Boulud about 3 weeks ago. I first scoped out the area surrounding my ‘table’ to check there were no staff in the immediate vicinity to look down on me and judge my food blogger status, i then got my friend to use his IPhone as there is no flash on that. I came out with two terrible photos; one of the Boulud Signature Burger, which looks dull and greasy even though it was nothing of the kind, and one of the halibut which looked even worse (not least due to the fact that I’d forgotten about my plan to take a photo and had ruined the arty-farty plate by taking a chunk out of the fish with a smear of the puree for my first mouthful!) As i have mentioned in a previous blog, the whole thing was fantastic, but if i was one of the MILLION people (hmmmmm, not quite there yet) reading this blog basing my opinion on photos subtly taken I would think twice about going to Bar Boulud and would consequently miss out of a splendid evening beautiful food, actually i think i need another word there, beautiful and hearty food!
I might mention that the likelihood of not being judged by any staff for my poor photo effort is minimal due to the fact that i was at the bar area eating my food, with no fewer than 8 chefs right in front of me…..

Back to Cecconi’s….
It’s been a while since i went to a restaurant that reminds me of my old days with D and D London, but Cecconi’s is just that. A member of the Soho House Group, but with all the characteristics of a Conran Group (D and D London these days) restaurant.
Walking into the dimly lit restaurant i was hit by a wall of chatter indicating i was lucky my host was able to get a table as the place was absolutely full up.

Fantastic! a large glass of Pinot Grigio was placed in front of my seconds after i had ordered it – there is nothing worse than having to wait an age for your drink, particularly when it’s Thursday evening, your dog tired and flustered because you were late arriving for dinner…

The menu is good simple Italian cuisine – need i say more.

After the initial lightening service we struggled to find a waiter to take our order, but hey, I had my glass of wine and we were having a very good catch up so it wasn’t a problem.

I went for the Bresaola with Rocket and Parmesan, which arrived looking like the simple and delicious dish it turned out to be. I did have a small issue with the Rocket which knocked my little socks off – it was pungent stuff and a wee bit too much for me. My friend’s starter of Prosciutto San Daniele with Gnocco Fritto was utterly divine. For the great unwashed like me a Gnocco Fritto is a fried dumpling looking rather like this:
Our main courses arrived pretty swiftly after the starters had been removed, I went for the Pan-fried Halibut with Asparagus and Salsa Verde. I don’t really have a huge amount to say about it as it was so so good. The halibut gracefully fell apart at the lightest touch of my knife revealing the glistening flavourful slivers of flesh, just perfect. The asparagus was well cooked and the salsa verde was a n accompaniment that, until now i would have thought would over power the fish, but no; they are are perfect together.
I didn’t try the Papardelle with Wild Boar Ragu but i was reliably informed that it was very very good, rich, but very good!
What a great place this was – the food was really good and not nearly as expensive as i had thought it was going to be, that said, I didn’t pay so i needn’t really worry about it!
Go to this restaurant – it’s worth it.
Daddies – take your daughters after you’ve been for a fitting on Savill Row, they’ll love it!
If you’ve got all the way to the bottom of this marathon entry – well done! I’m impressed, mainly by the fact that my excellent writing kept you reading to the end!

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