Sun-Blushed tomotoes

Look at these beauties!

Bare in mind this is only something to do if you really have nothing else to do! These took 4 1/2 hours at 50 ish degrees

10 almost wrinkly cherry tomatoes chopped in half
Sprinkle of thyme
sprinkle of sugar
A generous drizzle olive oil

Place thee tomatoes in an ovenproof dish
drizzle the Olive Oil over and around the tomatoes
sprinkle the sugar and thyme
Put in the over for about 4 and half hours.
About 3 hours in i popped crushed garlic clove into the dish.
Once cooled put into a sterile jar with some olive oil and the garlic.

Mine are in the fridge at the moment – no idea how long they will keep – I’ll let you know when they’re furry, but i doubt they’ll last that long as they are beautifully succulent and sweet.


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