An Officer and a ‘free range’ Gentleman….

So, after I made the deadly boring Muffins, I had 2 egg yolks left. The last time i made mayonnaise I was at school and it curdled.
Ooooh it went so wrong.
Needless to say i have always stuck to Helman’s ever since and turned my nose up at Mum’s homemade mayonnaise…
Well, I have been converted. Mayonnaise is easy-peasy!
2 egg yolks
1tsp mustard powder
teeny bit of garlic (i used probably 1/4 of a clove thinly chopped)
1 tsp white wine vinegar
200 ml Oil (half light Olive Oil and half sunflower oil – mixed together)

Freshly Ground Pepper to taste

generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Put the egg yolks into a bowl and add the mustard powder and the garlic really mix these together. The take the oil and pour A Teaspoon’s worth into the bowl. THOROUGHLY mix this is though and do the same for another teaspoon until you’ve done about 3 teaspoon’s of oil.

The mixture will be really thick by now. Add the white wine vinegar to thin down the mixture. Now add the oil in a constant thin trickle while whisking all the time. Unless you’ve got a strong arm / wrist I recommend an electric whisk or beaters.

the mixture will now resemble thick mayonnaise. Add a generous squeeze of lemon juice to thin it down and take away some of the richness of the olive oil.

On Saturday i had this as an accompaniment to one of the world’s most simple and sumptuous foods.


simply pop the asparagus in the microwave with some water for 5 ish minutes, until they are quite soft.

Place them on a plate with the tips all pointing the same way. The the aforementioned mayonnaise and put a large dollop on top of the tips.

So so so simple.

But absolutely fantastic – I’m a complete Homemade mayo convert!


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