St Tudy Inn, Cornwall


I should have written this one up a long time ago but didn’t and seeing how the big critics have now got to it I’m now behind the curb. But for the record, I went in July, so I got in first!
Picture the scene. I arrived in Cornwall having cycled most of the way from London as part of a charity thing I did with a team of Vintners. Blazing sunshine, bruised and tired to a warm Cornish welcome and my fiancé waiting for me with a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle and the engagement ring proper. What a merry old evening we had with incredible hospitality from Trevornick Holiday Park.
Then almost at the same moment as my cycle ended and you lot ‘stuck’ in London were ‘suffering’ a 30 degree heatwave, my holiday began and the heavens opened and it rained and rained and rained for 4 days with the exception of the 15 minutes we spent having a lovely pint outside the St Tudy Inn (we’d missed last lunch orders).

The next day after an awesome surf lesson with my friend George Stoy of George’s Surf School in Polzeth we decided to go back to the St Tudy to try their lunch menu. One of us was drinking so it wasn’t going to be a boozy one, unlike the fantastic table of 7 sixty or seventy something’s who were working their way through several bottles of rosé and on their way out booked for dinner that night and lunch the next day! Oh to be retired!

We rather sensibly ordered a couple of sandwiches, Jim had the prawn, Mayo, avocado and rocket sandwich and I went for the crab and lemon. I couldn’t just leave it at that so a portion of chips and a plate of mushrooms on sourdough were added to the order. I know, I know, hold me down I’m going craaaazy on the ordering. But darlings, debatable as it may be, a girl can’t have champagne and truffles all the time.

Ignoring the fact that it took rather a long time to arrive it was all lovely. The mushrooms were juicy but not too much to make the sourdough soggy, with just the right amount of seasoning and garlic. There isn’t much to detail I can go into about a crab sandwich really. It was wonderfully fresh (as you would expect in Cornwall), there were no shell bits hiding in the crab meat (as you would expect from a high level kitchen) and it was well seasoned.

I wish we’d done dinner there and got stuck in so I could wax lyrical about how wonderful Emily Scott’s cooking is and how beautiful the room is, which it really is by the way. I mean, it’s clear this is owned and decorated by a female team with about 5 different shades of grey on the walls, chairs, and soft furnishings and just enough cushions to make you comfortable but sit up and pay attention to the fantastic food you are eating.
I really want to go back. Problem is; it’s in Cornwall and after all that rain I’m not exactly that bothered about going back to that part of the country for a while.

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