Le P’tit Normand, Merton Road, SW18

The pressure, the pressure…. How can I write a blog about food and drink when I keep forgetting to take pictures of the food or drink I’m supposed to be blogging about?! Hmmm?! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve either not cooked anything worthwhile, or I’ve been eating out and forgotten to take any pictures, or I’ve been out and had so much fun that I’ve forgotten what I’ve had so can’t write about it anyway. What a social butterfly, I hear you say – or is that social moth. I’m not bragging, in fact I really cannot recommend arranging something for yourself every weeknight – you get to Friday and you’re on your last legs, you’ll be physically knackered and mentally pretty unstable and the last thing you want to do on a Friday is go out. Enough mental counselling from me.

I’ve been living with the boyfriend now for, oh wow just counted it, nearly 9 months and in these 9 months we have eaten out locally 3 times. There is no other way of putting it – that is pretty LAME! The first time we went out was only because the house next door burnt down and we weren’t allowed into our house (sadly I’m not kidding). The other day I decided to be modern and spontaneous and got home and said – let’s go out – instead of being met with a ‘but why?’ we just went. A cute little French Restaurant just round the corner from us ‘Le P’tit Normand’ has been willing me to go in for the last 9 months, we got a table and settled in – it was pretty busy.

We weren’t at home cooking, so I started as I meant to go on – Kir Royal was the first order of the evening (and a raised eye-brow or two from the boyfriend…). I couldn’t resist the scallops as a starter – these little beauties weren’t the largest I’ve ever seen but they were cooked perfectly with the asparagus tips adding to the flavour and the bacon finishing it all off – this was such a perfect dish and I loved the addition of the veloute on the side (I cannot for the life of me remember what flavour it was though – sorry!!)

I’ll confess that both the boyfriend and I were, at this point, surprised at the modern twist in the cooking. I know a veloute isn’t exactly Heston but I had rather stereotyped the place to be an average local eatery – how wrong I was. The restaurant is run by a family; Mum and daughter doing front of house and dad was in the kitchen – they are French.

I went for the canard for my main course and the boyfriend had a steak – both beautifully cooked, well presented. My duck was just perfect – and had a creamy mushroom sauce which is pure comfort / gluttony for me. I don’t think it was supposed to come with chips, but again, after a long week I wasn’t going to settle for anything else!

The ribeye was a whopper and juicy as you like. The chips were gorgeous and the Roquefort sauce was pure gluttony for the boyfriend. Our bottle of Macon Rouge at a teeny £18.25 was just the icing on the cake – perfect with duck and steak.

I would love to show you a beautiful picture of the dessert that we shared, but for some odd reason I didn’t take one – probably because I was too busy fighting the boyfriend for the last or first ‘cracks’ – we went for the trio of brulees. Smashing! Litterally.

Our bill came to around £70. That isn’t at all bad for the quality of ingredients and cooking that we had. I would urge anyone looking for grub around the Southfields area – after the tennis next year – this is a must.

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