The Year that changed my life!

Sorry – I’ve added a bit to the end….

So the title may be somewhat dramatic and this may get a little gushy (I’ll try to control myself) but essentially this blog, although I should have written it 3 days ago, is a summary of the amazing year I had in 2010.

I can’t really start at the beginning of 2010 because the foodie bit goes way way back to being a child and learning to cook at my mother’s side and all that, but 2010 was the year that I actually put my love of food towards something useful. Last year didn’t really begin to take an upward turn until May when I started this blog. For those of you that haven’t been following from the start, it began with marmalade, mayonnaise and muffins. I honestly thought that it would become another one of my grand plans that never actually come to fruition, much like the restaurant I was definitely going to set up when I left school or all that money I was definitely going to save or the gourmet picnic company I had all planned out!


I managed to get myself an awesome job back in July working at the Criterion Restaurant as the Events Executive, although I don’t actually work in the kitchen the poor chefs there have to put up with my daily questions of ‘how do I make this?’ or ‘what can I serve with that?’ or, most recently, ‘how on earth do you do that?’ The butchery, pastry and amazing skills that I see every day at work have encouraged me into being more ambitious in the kitchen. Now, I’m not saying I go into my butcher and order half a cow just to practice my knife skills but I now have more of a drive to make it up as I go along using taste and an image in my head of what I want it to look like. Most of the recipes on my blog are loosely based on something I’ve come across in cookery books, surfing the internet or from what someone else has cooked. As I write this I’m waiting for my focaccia dough to prove, using Hugh Fernesley-Whittingstall’s book whilst trying to remember what garnishes the chef at work puts on his to make it so utterly dreamy.


I had the amazing experience of meeting other food bloggers this year when I was invited to a foodie event entitled Discover the Origins. I met so many people who all have so much passion towards food and different aspects of the food world, whether it is the preparation, producing or just the eating. It was a novelty for me back in November to have someone believe that my writing was quite good; Design My Night christened me their Cocktail Queen. Now every time I go out and have a gorgeous cocktail; I tell them all about it.


I’m not sure this post has a structure or point to put across but I suppose I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows I’m not planning on going anywhere (far) in 2011. Look forward to more recipes, more reviews and definitely more slightly random wafflings from the veryboredcook. You never know, someone might take me seriously and I might be the next Nigella….or not!

Hold on one teeny tiny little moment – I totlally forgot to share another small amazement that I have… I was genuinely stunned to hear that people were using my recipes. One friend cooks from it once a week or so, others have passed it to their student siblings. I was absolutely delighted as well as rather taken aback (in a good way) that people are using this – thank you guys! It makes this so so so worthwhile – and gives me some justification for my ever expanding waistline. For those of you that have used it – if you fancy commenting on the recipes with any hints or bits that you have added I’d love to hear what you all think.

Right – gushing over – back to the food!

6 thoughts on “The Year that changed my life!

  1. What a year you’ve had indeed! I know exactly what you mean when you talk about following projects through. We’ve come up with a few ideas too – one of them was to take on the mighty EAT chain with something completely revolutionary. But good for you that you’ve managed to keep it going and have every faith you’ll keep building from strength to strength. There are a couple of other blogs we follow that started last year but have already fizzled out. Let’s not go the same way eh? Actually, let’s make a pact, if either one of us “quits” then the other has to. Let’s not let each other down then… 😉
    wishing you a excellent and prosperous 2011!

    1. What a good plan, thank you for all your comments and for following my blog with such enthusiasm! Your blog has taken off so well, I am amazed at how much you get done – do you guys ever sleep?! Let’s make 2011 the best year yet and let’s make sure we’re saying this in a years time about 2012! Thank you again – 2011, I’m ready for you!

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