New Blog/Website!!

I know what you’re thinking; she’s got a new job, she’s too cool to blog these days!

Well, doubters out there – here it is; what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks; my absolutely fabulous new blog page. Look! I’ve even got my own ‘Domain Name’. I had to get my geek-god of a housemate to sort out the linking to a blog bit and then I’ve been bugging the WordPress people with questions because I’ve been special at putting this bad-boy together.

I have totally fallen in love with taking pictures of the dishes I make, so there is a whole page devoted to the world of close up food photography!


Next month there will be a page devoted to the bast places to go for cocktails or just a quick pint in Central London.

I’ll also be creating a directory of where to eat in town as well, with a review and contact details for each restaurant. We all know I’m a simple thing, so I’ll be marking the restaurants out of 10 in 3 or 4 categories. Any suggestions on these categories – go to the swanky ‘Contact Me’ page and whisk over an e-mail!

I am so excited about this new site and would love to hear feedback and thoughts on it – please bear with me on the technical stuff as it’s not my forte!

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